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We are committed to delivering excellence

We are a team of passionate engineers from Bangalore who love to design interesting machines.

Finnant Designs is a (user centric specialised Engineering startup) Dispensing Solutions startup company based in Bangalore, India. We not only design and manufacture our own products but also provide Industrial Design services across Product Engineering, Electronics and Manufacturing sectors.

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Our Product FOUNTAIN 8 Fountain 8G Fountain 8S

We design and manufacture products that are user specific. Currently we are a team of 20 highly skilled engineers and designers including some from IIT/NIT & NID across departments.

We are proud to present our first indigenous Beverage Dispenser that has been completely Designed, Realized and Made in India.


Multi nozzle, 8 product dispenser
Designed for Alcohol dispensing, sales tracking & data analytics
Machines are IOT Enabled for sales tracking and can be clustered over different geographical locations.
Large 10” inch touch screen for control
Alcohol bottles can be mounted directly on the dispenser
Sold-out indication, real time level monitoring
Dimensions at 4.0 X 1.8 X 1.0 feet approximately
Certified by Regional Reference Standard Laboratory (RRSL)

Fountain 8 Variants

Fountain 8G
Fountain 8S

How it Works?

Step 1 :

Load bottles on Fountain and select the product icons on the main menu

Step 2

Select your drink and volume to be dispensed (30 or 60ml)

Step 3

Get a drink poured in less than 5 seconds for a 60ml dispense